A book cover for your e-reader…classic!

I’m sorry that I completely abandoned my Halloween posts, but both jobs got the better of me!

If you are wondering, I ended up being a Faery for Halloween. My costume was inspired from Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey series (I’m kind of addicted to these books right now).



In RT Book Reviews magazine, I came across these delightful e-reader covers that are fashioned out of, you guessed it, classic texts. Not only do these covers bring the old-school-feel we miss when having an e-reader, but I think they cleverly mask your possibly expensive investment.

Some of my favourites:

Not every cover fits every e-reader, so make sure to read the fine print before your order one of your own!

Check it out: CLICK HERE!

If you don’t see a favourite, the designer, Randy, does make custom orders!


Designs for the home Fitzgerald and Gatsby would Adore

Can’t get enough of the 1920’s art deco décor? Check out this site, Modernism, which collects authentic furniture pertaining to this period. They sell products through this website, but if your like me and can only afford to look, here is a sample of what I wish I could have.