Halloween Brainstorm Session – Costume #1

To celebrate the first day of October and the 31-day-countdown to Halloween, I thought I would start brainstorming on some great costume ideas.  These costumes will of course be inspired by classical literature so if you have any recommendations, send them on my way.   I will post costumes as ideas come to my mind so stay tuned throughout October!

One of the suggestions below will be my Halloween costume, which I will wear to the bookstore I work at (we all love dressing up as our favourite characters on Halloween!) [If you’re wondering, last year, I was The Paper Bag Princess].

1.  Sherlock Holmes – One of the most endearing characters and an easy to create costume.  All you need is an array of the following:  magnifying glass, a monocle, a hat (either top hat or deerstalker hat), a suit (any colour will do), if it’s cold on Halloween, bring along a trench coat, a fancy walking cane, and of course, a pipe (perhaps one that blows bubbles!) – you may also solicit a sidekick and name him Watson.

Here is a video titled The Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes.  Give it a watch for costume inspiration as well as mannerism cues:


From the page to the life’s stage: week 4

Penguin Classics Hardcover Books

Penguin and their fabulous classic cover re-designs…again!

To the left is an image of two cloth bound series of Classic Literature books released by Penguin in 2008, and designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith.  The concept behind these covers is pattern design and each cover follows a different geometrical pattern. In turn, every pattern speaks to the novel’s atmosphere, themes, or period that it was written.

Coralie Bickford-Smith’s favourite design: Crime and Punishment (the third last book on the second row, red and beige).

Check out Coralie‘s website for other stunning cover re-designs, or stay tuned to my blog for more of her work coming soon!

See the From the Page to the Life’s Stage tab for a list of titles available in this series.

These books are available in Chapters/Indigo/Coles stores for $12.99.

Click here to find a cool desktop background using these books!