About Me

I am an English lit. student, obsessed with the written word. Specifically, I adore classical literature.  Classical literature can be defined in many ways and I choose to describe it as: books now in the public domain (For Canada, books only have copyright for 50 years after the author’s death, thus allowing publishers to print these materials without providing the author’s estate compensation). Any books that are 50 years or older, I tend to classify as a ‘classic’.

I will write about classical literature found in contemporary society  and also will critique, recommend, and condone classical literature that I am reading. So if you have any fabulous authors to recommend, please write me a note on my You recommend tab.  If you want to search by literary era, author, or theme, check out  CATEGORIES on the main page at the bottom of the right hand column and be instantly directed. Hope you find something you would like to read as you look around!

Classic Literature Geek

Review policy:

I will review anything that classifies as classic literature (see my definition above), but I will also review any contemporary texts that particularly allude to any of the classics (this can include re-inventions, preqeuls or continuations of a classic, etc).


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