Big Brother VS. Little Brother: LITTLE BROTHER

LITTLE BROTHER: Little Brother by Corey Doctrow (2008)

This novel is a fantastic reinterpretation of George Orwell’s classic Nineteen Eighty-Four and is written for teens. I found that Doctrow did a good job at reinventing this classic and found he made the world Orwell created in Nineteen Eighty-Four more relatable to us who were born after 1984. This book made me laugh a lot and I found myself really caring for the main character “w1n5t0n.”  This is definitely one of the more literary YA novels that I have read in while.  For all you teachers out there, don’t torture today’s student with 1984, but perhaps, let them read Little Brother….just saying!

Summary: Marcus, a.k.a “w1n5t0n,” is only seventeen years old, but he figures he already knows how the system works–and how to work the system. Smart, fast, and wise to the ways of the networked world, he has no trouble outwitting his high school’s intrusive but clumsy surveillance systems.

But his whole world changes when he and his friends find themselves caught in the aftermath of a major terrorist attack on San Francisco. In the wrong place at the wrong time, Marcus and his crew are apprehended by the Department of Homeland Security and whisked away to a secret prison where they’re mercilessly interrogated for days.

When the DHS finally releases them, Marcus discovers that his city has become a police state where every citizen is treated like a potential terrorist. He knows that no one will believe his story, which leaves him only one option: to take down the DHS himself.


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