A Bad Romance…Wuthering Heights

The first time I read Wuthering Heights (to clarify, it is Wuthering as in a wind that blows fiercely, not Weathering as to erode or decompose) by Emily Bronte was around the same time Lady Gaga’s famous song, “Bad Romance” was released. So you can imagine my disappointment when the music video came out and there was practically nothing Gothic about it.

This is about as gothic as it gets...

But don’t get me wrong, I really like Lady Gaga’s music and even went to her Monster Ball concert this past summer. I’ll just take this as evidence for why Wuthering Heights rocks (and will still imagine the theme song for this book to be “A Bad Romance” – I can only see Sofia Coppola directing such a movie).

So, why does this comparison show Wuthering Heights as a great novel? Because the reason any classical work of fiction persists is because it can still be made relevant and relatable to readers of the present. A similar love triangle that can be compared to Heathcliff, Catherine and Edgar (or the subsequent love triangle between all their children) is Meyer’s Twilight series. (This comparison has helped sales for the classic novel).

And if you think Twilight had passion, you’ve experienced nothing yet. Wuthering Heights literally left me breathless at moments. The tension, romance and cruelty in this book are stunning. Bronte’s words bring emotion to life for her readers. This novel is one of my all-time favourite love stories and a recommended read to all (just make sure you keep a copy of the family tree with you when you read this, because names and generations in this novel can get confusing).

The 1992 version of Wuthering Heights: (look forward to a new version of this movie in 2011!)


2 thoughts on “A Bad Romance…Wuthering Heights

  1. Hi! I am a normal Korean high school students. While I am looking for my essay topic that compares Lady gaga ‘Bad Romance’ and Wuthering Heights, I could get this website. I am glad to know that there is someone who thought relationship between ‘Bad Romance’ and Wuthering Heights. Could you share your idea about this relationship more? Hopely send me a mail if you can. Thanks.

  2. Hi June. Good luck on your essay! First I think you need to decide who you think Lady GaGa is signing about in her song. Is it Heathcliff or Edgar? Since you are writing an essay, I recommend treating the song like a poem, making this a novel vs. poem comparison.

    I think the most relevant parts of the book for you will be to prove that Catherine really wanted a relationship with Heathcliff, but couldn’t because of her foresight to see it would have been a bad romance. Although life with Edgar is dull and boring, perhaps Heathcliff would have turned into a ‘psycho’ or ‘criminal’ despite her love.

    One of the most noticeable sentences from the song I find is when Lady GaGa sings: “I want your loving / And I want your revenge / You and me could write a bad romance”

    The singer, Lady GaGa, has the role of Catherine and I believe her subject is Heathcliff.

    Sorry I can’t offer much more advice, let me know if you were able to write about it :).

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