Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge

A good list to get ideas for classical reads:

I recently started watching the series Gilmore Girls, which I never really got into the first time it was airing on television. If you haven’t watched this series before, I highly recommend it because it is so well written!  These two speak so fast that it’s impossible to catch all that they are saying (check out short video of them arguing below).

Essentially, this show is about a ‘perfect’ mother-daughter relationship and both of their quests to find the perfect men, while aspiring to reach their dreams [For Lorelai (the one on the right), she dreams of owning her own Inn. For Rory (the one on the left) she dreams of going to Harvard, which is where the reading challenge was inspired from.]

I did not start this reading challenge, but it was smartly started by this blogger. To see the list of book, click on that link.  If you love classical literature, you will have noticed you on well on your way to being a RORY! However, depending on your love of reading, there are 3 levels in total:

Emily (Lorelai’s Mother) : Read 5 books from at least two different categories.
Lorelai: Read 10 books from at least three different categories.
Rory: Read 20 books from at least four different categories.

I’m not going to fully participate in the challenge, but I think it is a great list to be inspired from when looking for new classic reads.


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