Judge a book by it’s cover

Private Lives of Pippa Lee by Rebecca Miller

From the back cover: Pippa Lee is the devoted wife of the brilliant New York publisher Herb Lee. Now in his 80s, Herb is finally retired and ready to make a pre-emptive strike against his decrepitude by moving with his wife from Gramercy Park to the Marigold Village retirement community.

Pippa, 30 years younger than Herb, attempts to settle gracefully into life at Marigold Village, but she soon finds herself unravelling: walking, chain-smoking, even driving, in her sleep. Drawn to the troubled son of a neighbour. Pippa wonders if she is having a nervous breakdown, or if cracks are beginning to show in the veneer she has so carefully constructed.

For Pippa hasn’t always been a sophisticated and beatific wife and parent. She has been daughter to a Dexedrine-addicted mother, Lolita to a teacher, model for S&M lesbian erotica, runaway, drug addict, free spirit and secret mistress all before seemingly finding love and security in a family of her own.

Now, that identity, too, is coming apart.
In this absorbing, fearless novel, writer Rebecca Miller reveals how many lives can exist within one person and how leaving them behind is nearly impossible.

My Review: After staring at this cover for many weeks in the bookstore, luck would have it that the publisher (thank you HarperCollins) sent my book store an ARC.

In this day of customer testing, I feel you really can judge a book by it’s cover.

Just by looking at it, I thought this would be a book about a troubled girl, who gets into a lot of trouble, but of course, has fun along the way.

I was right in my assessment, but was a little disappointed with the flow of the novel.  It wasn’t exactly a page turner, but I did fall in love with Pippa.

Then the movie came out…


Beautifully directed by the author, Rebecca Miller, I have to say I did enjoy the movie better than the book (which is an extreme rarity for me). The movie was everything I thought the book would be. More visual imagery and stunning costumes and vistas, this is a great movie to watch on a rainy day.

Original cover: yikes, not my cup of tea

Movie book cover: Seemingly boring compared to the original.


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