Said I wouldn’t do it…but I did it!

Working at a bookstore, I find it hard to escape the Twilight phenomenon, especially since we sell at least ten copies of the series every time I’m in. So I took the plunge, put all my prejudice of mass market teen fiction aside and read all four books and the results: I loved it! 

My advice for one who is taking on the Twilight journey is, don’t get fustrated with the first two books. Yes the plot moves slowly, but once you get to book three and four, all your determined reading will be paid off! Aslo, the movies make so much more sense after having read the books, I guarentee.

Also, I read the last two books on my iPod touch thanks to the Kobo app, and enjoyed having the ability to read in all my spare moments. If you haven’t tried an e-book, now is the time to take the plunge before they explode in popularity!

Here is the movie trailer for the latest movie in the Twilight saga, set to release in theatres June 30, 2010.


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