Cheap reads…as they should be!

We all know that classical literature is for the most part available in the public domain (for Canada, 50 yeras after authors death, for USA, 75 years). This means that publishers can print works such as Wuthering Heights or The Picture of Dorian Gray without having to pay the author (since they are dead) or their estate, which equals = $$ more money for publishers. It just kills me when I see a book like Dracula on sale at book stores for $14.99!  No more!

A UK printing press decided to take advantage of this and sell such classic novels for only £1 (which equals $1.60 Canadian at today’s exchange rate). The £1 pocket novel was introduced by Wordsworth Editions in 1991. Today, the novels go for £1.99 ($3.20 Canadian). The provide over 500 titles for adult and childrens classics. 

Success: If you like the books you see on their website, but prefer to pay in Canadian dollars, click their link to order the book on, find the ISBN (a nine digit code starting with 978-), copy it and past it in the search at and voila!  (the convertion to Canadian dollars is $4.68, but still way cheaper than in the book store!)  Happy hunting!


3 thoughts on “Cheap reads…as they should be!

  1. Why not just download from Project Gutenberg, Wikisource, the Internet Archive, etc? Or read from Book-bot or any of the numerous other free e-book projects?

    1. Since i’ve discovered the application ‘Stanza,’ that is where I read my classic literature, but still, I feel the desire to make a physical collection of classical literature as well!

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