My Top 10 Favourite Classical Movies

 I’m addicted to movies that are categorized as historical fiction! Any time one comes out in the theatre I run out to see it and I am constantly on the look out for ones that were released in the past. Unfortunately though, these types of movies only play in one theatre out of my whole area (shows just how popular they are).

1. Pride & Prejudice (Directed by Joe Wright)

 2. Marie Antoinette (Directed by Sofia Coppola)

 3. Elizabeth (Directed by Shekhar Kapur)

4. Emma (Directed by Diarmuid Lawrence) {sorry Gwyneth Paltrow, but the plot of this one is more true to the novel!}

5. Anna & the King (Directed by Andy Tennant)

6. Ever After (Directed by Andy Tennant)

7. Little Women (Directed by Gillian Armstrong)

8. Chocolat (Directed by Lasse Hallström)

9. Being Julia (Directed by István Szabó)

10. A Knight’s Tale (Directed by Brian Helgeland)

Here is a great list showing all the historical movies ever made and how much money each of them has made: click here

Tell me what your favourite historical fiction movie is!


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