From the Page to the Life’s Stage: Week 2

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Week 2: Penguin’s new covers

Most of you have probably noticed the interesting new cover designs on classic literature books in bookstores. We have Penguin Classics to thank for creating contemporary covers that will hopefully draw in a younger generation of readers. These new covers are a part of Penguins Classic Deluxe editions, which feature 3 graphic covers by artist Ruben Toledo (The Scarlet Letter, Wuthering Heights, and Pride and Prejudice). His art work is reminiscent of Salvador Dali and includes sculpture, illustrations, paintings and drawings, that have been featured in art galleries, fashion shows, and exhibits around the world. Married to the famed Isabel Toledo, both originally from Cuba, Ruben has given these books a face-lift by adding his touch of artsy glamour. With regards to the books, Ruben said he loved that the heroin of The Scarlett Letter was a seamstress, but his favourite was Wuthering Heights due to its “twisted and perverse story.” If you like these covers, check out some of these links below to see where his art has been featured elsewhere:

A Marriage of Art and Fashion (15 year collaboration with his wife).

Fashion (his art complimenting fashion)


2 thoughts on “From the Page to the Life’s Stage: Week 2

  1. I like the covers, and I appreciate that they’re trying to attract younger readers to the classics, but I don’t think that they properly depict the content.

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